Compression products can be found on the legs or arms/hands of a wide swath of the population, from pilots, flight attendants, runners, and nurses to pregnant women, people recovering from surgery, and people otherwise at risk for blood clots in their legs. Compression stockings are specialized socks that can be worn from the foot to the knee or thigh. When worn properly, these stockings reduce swelling in the feet and also improve venous circulation in the legs.

Basically, they improve your blood flow. They can lessen pain and swelling in your legs. They can also lower your chances of getting deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a kind of blood clot, and other circulation problems.Compression wear is called “graduated” because it is designed to apply more pressure in the ankle and foot and gradually decrease the pressure applied up the leg. This encourages the natural return of blood to the heart.

Product Name Rent Sell
Compression Garments
Compression Stockings by Jobst
Levels 8-15 15-20 20-30
Knee high and Thigh high
Stocking donner
Orthotic braces and wraps
Knee Brace
Hinged Knee brace
Ankle brace
Ankle wrap
Therall ankle, knee, or elbow arthritic support sleeve
Knee immobilizer
Wrist brace
Wrist brace with thumb support
Walking boot ankle or knee high
Finger splint
Foam cervical collar
Shoulder immobilizer
Rib belt
Lumbar lower sacral support brace
Lumbar support brace
Lightweight Lumbar support brace
Epicondylitis Clasp
Arm band
Hernia Belt
Night Splint
Thumb stabilizer