We carry a complete line of medical compression garments to meet the many needs of our customers. Compression socks and stockings come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Please feel free to come to the store or call for additional information.

Product Name Rent Sell
Compression Garments
Compression Stockings by Jobst
Levels 8-15 15-20 20-30
Knee high and Thigh high
Stocking donner
Orthotic braces and wraps
Knee Brace
Hinged Knee brace
Ankle brace
Ankle wrap
Therall ankle, knee, or elbow arthritic support sleeve
Knee immobilizer
Wrist brace
Wrist brace with thumb support
Walking boot ankle or knee high
Finger splint
Foam cervical collar
Shoulder immobilizer
Rib belt
Lumbar lower sacral support brace
Lumbar support brace
Lightweight Lumbar support brace
Epicondylitis Clasp
Arm band
Hernia Belt
Night Splint
Thumb stabilizer