Some older adults become frail or ill to the point where they can’t move their bodies enough. When that happens, the skin touching their bed or chair can get irritated from constant pressure. Not many caregivers can move their senior every hour or two, especially during the night. That’s why it’s helpful to add a special cushion to their seat or bed for added relief. Regular cushions usually can’t relieve enough pressure, so it’s good to invest in something specially designed to prevent pressure sores. Some of these cushions are pricey because they use fancy technology to relieve pressure. Depending on how likely your senior is to get sores and how much time they spend without moving, it could really be worth the money.

If you’re not sure if a special cushion would be good for your older adult, check with their doctor or physical therapist to get an expert opinion.

Product Name Rent Sell
Bed Wedge
Knee Pillow
Wheel chair cushion
Coccyx cushion
Cervical pillow
Elevating leg pillow
Lumbar cushion