The bathroom is an especially dangerous place for seniors – hard surfaces, small spaces, lots of corners and edges, and slippery water sets the perfect stage for accidents and falls.From slippery surfaces to a lack of dependable objects to grab onto, bathrooms have a landscape that can be difficult to navigate, especially for the elderly.

A significant number of falls in the bathroom can be prevented with effective renovation techniques and products. So we have effective products that improve bathroom safety for seniors. They make it easier for your older adult to take care of everyday needs, reduce the risk of falls, and help them remain as independent as possible. Having the confidence to safely perform personal tasks like using the toilet or bathing boosts your older adult’s self-esteem and mood. And increased safety means less worrying for you.

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Bedside commode
Bariatric Bedside Commode
Grab Bars
Toilet seat Risers
Toilet handles
Shower Bench
Transfer bath bench